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With 150+ years of combined experience and in just over 50 years, our firm has secured millions for personal injury victims, and has proven that our experience and credibility truly matter in trial and our experience can make the difference for clients.

Time and time again, we have showcased our high standards of ethics, our decades of experience, and trusted credibility with judges and other attorneys. These assets come together to create an effective strategy, and have helped establish a reputation for providing outstanding and dependable legal representation to personal injury victims.

    • $6,800,000.00 recovery $6,800,000.00 recovery

      Husband and father of three sustained traumatic injuries when the ladder he was descending shifted and caused him to fall approximately 20’ to the pavement below. He was performing repairs to the roof above a commercial tenant’s area on behalf of the property owner. As a result of not being provided the necessary and appropriate safety equipment in direct violation of New York State Labor Laws he is now paralyzed and has last the ability to communicate.

    • Judge Awards Shooting Victim $5 Million $5 Million Verdict

      A state judge awarded $5 million in damages to a city woman who suffered severe neurological damage to her arm and substantial psychological trauma from being shot in the neck by two Rotterdam men in what a prosecutor described as ``a human hunting trip.'' Paul DeLorenzo, Esq. represented the victim.

    • $1,200,000 Recovery $1,200,000 Recovery

      Rensselaer man wins malpractice suit! $1.2 Million Awarded!

    • $400,000 Recovery $400,000 Recovery

      Child who is burned due to defective T-Shirt settles for more than $400,000.00!

    • $270,000 Recovery $270,000 Recovery

      Jury decides in favor of 6 relatives of people who were buried in the wrong burial plots- $270,000 awarded.

    • Right to Sue Right to Sue

      Former Rotterdam couple wins the right to sue gas station.