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What to do if Your Child Sustains a Birth Injury

Injury to the child during birth is a terrible thing for new parents to face. Although most deliveries go smoothly, an estimated 5 out of 1000 babies born in the U.S. are injured during birth. Damage can be evident immediately or delayed in showing up. In addition to the emotional suffering of the parents, the cost of treatment for the child can be significant - even staggering.

At DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata, we have more than 150 years combined personal injury experience and are known for our professionalism. We are listed as one of the most experienced law firms in the Capitol Region Business Review, having assisted a number of patients with medical malpractice cases. If your baby has been injured during birth, we can help.

Causes of Birth Injuries

Not all birth injuries are the result of medical malpractice. When they are, the legal and medical issues can be complex, and doctors and hospital staff can be reluctant to provide information.

Some causes of birth injuries include:

  • improper use of equipment, such as vacuums or forceps, improper medical techniques
  • delayed delivery or C-Section
  • failing to anticipate any complications
  • improper administration of drugs

Injuries can include brain injuries, spinal injuries, fractured bones, Brachial Palsy injuries (damage to the nerves that control movement of the arms and hands), and facial paralysis can occur during childbirth.

Experienced Birth Injury Lawyer in Schenectady

The law imposes a time limit to pursue legal remedies for personal injury claims. This is known as a "Statute of Limitations." If you fail to file your claim or lawsuit within that time limit, you may be forever barred from doing so. If your baby has suffered an injury during birth, we highly recommend that you do not delay in consulting our competent Schenectady personal injury attorneys.

Contact us as soon as possible for excellent, compassionate, and caring representation during this difficult situation.

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