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If you are accused of a white collar crime, your freedom, future, and reputation are on the line. The term “white collar crime” refers to a wide range of financially motivated frauds committed by business and government professionals that are characterized by deceit, concealment, or trust violations. Although white collar crimes don’t involve physical force or violence, they are treated as such when tried in court.

For these reasons and more, you need powerhouse defense on your side as soon as you are charged or under investigation by the police. Federal agencies such as the FBI tend to get involved in white collar crime cases because of the gravity and nature of these offenses. A single scam can destroy a company, wipe out a family’s entire life savings, or cost investors millions and billions of dollars, or all of the above. That being said, our Schenectady white collar crime lawyers are equipped with the experience, insights, and resources needed to help resolve your situation with the least amount of damage to your likelihood as possible.

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Types of White Collar Crime Charges We Defend

White collar crimes include a broad spectrum of offenses, but certain crimes are committed more often than others. State and federal agencies are on high alert for a particular handful of white collar crimes, including but not limited to:

Corporate fraud: A significant amount of corporate fraud cases involve the manipulation of financial data, share prices, or other key financial data of a corporation. The result? Inflation caused by fake performance indicators. As such, corporate fraud investigations are typically focused on:

Falsification of financial information

  • False accounting entries and/or misrepresentations of financial condition
  • Fraudulent trades designed to inflate profits or hide losses
  • Illicit transactions designed to evade regulatory oversight

Self-dealing by corporate insiders

  • Insider trading (trading based on material, non-public information)
  • Kickbacks
  • Misuse of corporate property for personal gain
  • Individual tax violations related to self-dealing

Fraud in connection with an otherwise legitimately operated mutual hedge fund

  • Late trading
  • Certain market timing schemes
  • Falsification of net asset values

Identity theft: This offense occurs when a person uses someone’s identity in a crime or fraudulent act.

Money laundering: Known as turning “dirty” money into “clean” money, money laundering is the process of concealing or disguising proceeds to make them seem like they came from reliable, credible sources. This allows offenders to hide and accumulate wealth, evade taxes, increase their profits, and avoid prosecution. Accordingly, money laundering is frequently associated with crimes such as:

  • Complex financial crimes
  • Health care fraud
  • Human trafficking
  • International and domestic public corruption
  • Narcotics trafficking
  • Terrorism

Securities fraud: The increase of investments in the US securities and commodities markets has resulted in a rise in corresponding fraud and misconduct within these markets. The vast amount of money being invested into these markets essentially creates opportunities for people to commit fraud, with the most widespread types being:

  • Investment fraud
    • Ponzi schemes
    • Pyramid schemes
    • Advance fee fraud
  • Promissory note fraud
  • Commodities fraud
  • Broker embezzlement
  • Market manipulation

Extortion: Cyber extortion is a form of demanding payment or other items of value through threats, coercion, or other means. This could mean sending emails threatening to release a victim’s nude photos or compromise their phone contacts if they do not pay up. Online extortion typically incorporates the following similarities:

  • An unknown party sends an email that, many times, is written in broken English with grammatical errors.
  • The unknown party includes the recipient's personal information in the e-mail or letter to intimidate them.
  • The party accuses the recipient of visiting adult websites, cheating on a spouse, or being involved in other sensitive situations.
  • If the ransom is not paid, the offender will send an e-mail or letter threatening to send a video or other compromising information of the victim to their family, friends, coworkers, or social network contacts.
  • The e-mail or letter gives the recipient little time to pay, such as 48 hours.
  • The recipient is instructed to pay the ransom in Bitcoin to allow for secure and anonymous transactions of the virtual currency.

Intellectual property theft: Stealing people’s or companies’ ideas, inventions, and creative expressions is illegal. This intellectual property can include trade secrets, proprietary products and parts, movies, music, software, and more. With the popularity of digital technology, intellectual property theft is a serious concern for state and federal authorities alike, as it can perpetuate or give rise to other offenses like copyright piracy, counterfeiting, and internet fraud,

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White collar crimes are serious, as they often get state and federal law enforcement authorities involved. As such, you could face state and federal penalties upon conviction. That’s the last thing you need.

Instead, we encourage you to get started on your legal defense right away. The sooner you equip yourself with our Schenectady white collar crime attorneys, the sooner we can begin building a high-caliber defense strategy to help overcome your charges. To get started, schedule a free consultation online or at (518) 299-0314!

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