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Rights of Injury Victims in Schenectady

If you have been injured due to the negligent behavior of someone else, then you may have the right to receive compensation for your injuries or damages. Compensation for personal injury could include lost wages, medical bills, mileage to and from doctor appointments, as well as pain and suffering.

Financial compensation usually covers just about any out-of-pocket expense that was caused by an accident. This could even include physician-ordered orthopedic chairs, shoes, or a new bed the doctor needs you to purchase after suffering complications from an injured back or to ensure proper and efficient recovery from neck injuries. These things are expenses you would never have incurred if not for the negligence of the other party involved, and for many people, these medical necessities are hard or impossible to afford.

Thankfully, by consulting a Schenectady personal injury attorney at DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata, you could receive compensation to help pay for these new expenses.

Even Minor Injuries or Damages Must Be Reported

If you have been injured in an auto accident, construction accident, or even a premises liability accident, one of the greatest mistakes you could make is not reporting your injuries to police or law enforcement immediately afterward. Many people assume that because they do not feel pain at the moment, they have not been injured. This is not always the case! Internal injuries, or even small cuts or scratches could become greater medical problems if left untreated, and because you did not report the accident, you would not be entitled to pursue compensation to help pay for doctor bills or medical treatments.

The first thing you need to remember in the event of any type of accident is that you must report it to the police. Even if you think you may be at fault, with the help of an injury lawyer, you could still have the chance of receiving recovery payments for your damages. If you do not report an accident and discover at a later time that you have sustained injuries or that more damage was caused to your car than originally thought, your insurance company could deny compensation for your claims. Do not wait until it is too late. You could have as little as 30 days to report an accident! The strongest advice we can give is quick and simple: Your rights are more protected when you report an accident and are represented by a lawyer.

Schenectady Injury Attorney Explains Comprehensive Automobile Insurance Act

The state of New York follows the Comprehensive Automobile Insurance Act, which is also known as a no-fault insurance coverage plan. The law essentially means that the insurance company with which you hold a policy with is required to pay for medical expenses, damages, or injuries, not including pain and suffering, regardless of who is at fault. In busy, populous, and congested states such as New York, accidents are common. The law was enacted in 1973 as compromise to offset the numerous injury lawsuits flooding New York courts and provide unquestioned payment of basic expenses up to a certain amount. This amount is completely dependent on the policy that you have purchased with the insurance company.

No-fault laws only cover basic necessities, no matter how unfortunate your circumstances may be. Many people ask our firm why insurance companies only pay for basics, especially when those basics barely cover treatment for injuries, property damages, lost wages, and most importantly, any kind of pain or suffering you may experience. We understand your dilemma, which is why we encourage you to seek legal guidance from a Schenectady personal injury lawyer from DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata.

Luckily, no-fault laws do protect some of your rights. You pay money and invest into a policy that you can depend on in the event of an accident or time of need. No-fault laws are designed to protect you in such an event. No-fault insurance plans include basic economic losses sustained by injured victims, including medical care, loss of earnings due to taking time off of work to recover up to a certain amount, and other necessary expenses. Of course, necessary expenses are determined by insurance companies that typically aren't looking out for your best interests, and usually cap off at a maximum of $50,000 per person.

What does the no-fault law mean for you?

Typically, New York insured drivers buy minimal liability coverage plans. Unfortunately, in the event of serious accidents, minimal liability does not nearly cover expenses for damages and injuries.

Minimal policies tend to include coverage of:

  • $25,000 / $50,000 for bodily injury
  • $25,000 / $50,000 for uninsured / underinsured motorist injury
  • $10,000 for property damages
  • $50,000 for personal injury

Your injuries, damages, and suffering may amount to much more than $50,000. In fact, some people sustain emotional scars that may never heal, especially if a loved one was taken unexpectedly in a wrongful death accident due to the negligence of another person. How can you get financial compensation for the pain and suffering of losing a loved one, especially since such a tragedy cannot have a big enough price tag? At DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata, we completely understand your circumstances and believe we are the legal team that you should enlist for strong representation, credibility and reliability, and experienced guidance every step of the way. We could help you get the compensation you deserve and ensure that your rights stay protected.

To get started, contact our firm. We have around-the-clock availability, are devoted to actively pursuing a favorable resolution for you, and can ensure that your rights are protected. Meet with a Schenectady personal injury lawyer from our firm today!

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