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Construction Zone Accidents

Across the state, maintenance crews work hard to keep the city streets and highways safe for roadway users. Roadwork is a continuous effort, and involves repairing cracked pavement and potholes, repairing fallen or broken signs, trimming bushes, removing vegetation, painting asphalt, clearing debris from landslides, responding to public complaints and suggestions, and much more.

Every day, roadway construction is happening somewhere in New York. Because of signs, workers, heavy machinery, lane closures, and detours, construction zones are not only chaotic and therefore dangerous, but they tend to be linked to an increase in car accidents.

Causes of Construction Zone Crashes

There are several causes of construction zone accidents. A driver may be distracted and when they approach slowed traffic, they may swerve and strike a wall or another vehicle. If a driver is speeding and not adhering to reduced speed signs, they may “lose control” in the construction zone and cause an accident.

All drivers can have difficulty when it comes to judging their speed in a construction zone. In effect, more motorists are actually injured in construction zones than construction workers. Because of this issue, drivers need to avoid distracted driving and be prepared when they approach a construction zone. This means focusing on the road, looking for construction workers, locating them, and lowering speed (usually to 45 mph) while passing the workers.

Sometimes, there are a series of car accidents in the exact same location in a construction zone. When this happens, it can be because there was inadequate signage warning approaching motorists about the construction. In this situation, the construction company or a municipality may be liable for the crash.

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