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Schenectady Personal Injury Lawyers

Serving Schenectady, NY Since 1959

You've just been in an accident and you don't know what to do. Your thoughts and judgments are blurred and everything seems to be happening too fast. You feel minimized, disadvantaged, and hopeless. Do any of these emotions sound familiar? If your answer is yes, then you've come to the right place to get help.

At DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata, we are proud to represent Schenectady residents who have become victims of negligent, reckless, or careless people. Our goal is to help you obtain the maximum compensation possible for your case, so that you can move on.

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The Benefits of Having Our Team in Your Corner

Personal injury victims need an attorney who is both dedicated and well-qualified to handle their case. If you choose to retain our team, you will be working with attorneys who are set apart from the rest! Here's why:

  • Experience – Collectively, we've been practicing law for over 75 years and have been named among the most experienced law firms in the Capital Region Business Review.
  • Trial Lawyers – We've had extensive trial experience with all types of personal injury cases, recovering millions for our clients in both settlements and verdicts.
  • Peer Recognition – Other attorneys come to us for counsel, as we teach numerous seminars and conferences each year.
  • Client's Choice – Our clients have faith in our abilities, and we have been awarded the Avvo® Clients' Choice for personal injury in 2012!
  • 24/7 Availability – We are wholly dedicated to our clients' needs, offering availability 24/7 to take care of any legal matters.

Whatever your legal affairs may entail, you can rest assured that our firm has the experience that it takes to win cases. In fact, Attorney Paul E. DeLorenzo is the chairman of the Schenectady County Bar Association Litigation Committee. Our lawyers are deeply involved in each case but also are supported by a skilled team of paralegals and assistants.

Protecting Your Rights Against Insurance Companies

If you have experienced an accident at no fault of your own, you need to retain legal help from an attorney who can protect your rights. Initially, good, insured citizens typically hope to fall back on insurance plans that they have invested in and paid for to help protect them in case of emergency or unforeseen accidents. Unfortunately, many policy holders who get into car accidents are in for a rude awakening.

After an accident, insurance companies typically aren't looking out for the best interests of the harmed or injured persons involved in an accident, even if they are customers. Insurance companies are businesses too, so in an effort to turn a profit and keep overhead costs low, many big insurance companies do not award full compensation to injured or harmed policy holders, despite their rightful entitlement to such recompense. At DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata, a Schenectady personal injury attorney can represent your best interests, help ensure that your rights are protected, and see that you are awarded the best possible compensation for your injuries, damages, pain and suffering.

Keeping Clients Informed and Educated

One of the best ways we help clients is by keeping them informed and educated during the course of handling their cases. Many people are unaware of their rights, and many victims lose out on their rightful compensation due to misinformation. We wish to provide our clients with practical, efficient, and useful knowledge.

Based on our experience working under personal injury laws in New York, we provide Schenectady residents with our unique insights and pointers on car accidents claims in Schenectady and other personal injury cases and we hope to encourage you to get familiar with the legal processes and factors that may surround your case.

We can provide you with the information and resources needed to learn more about your legal issues. Financial compensation could literally be a phone call away, so don't hesitate to go through the helpful legal tips that we have provided for you on this site and enlist our help with your case. You also can take advantage of our case evaluation form to schedule a free case consultation with a member of our team!

Areas of Practice

Our attorneys handle any type of personal injury case that you may experiencing:

  • Victims that are trying to claim compensation for a car accident that was caused by texting while driving, or a negligent act can look to us for support.
  • If you were injured in a pedestrian accident or truck accident caused by a negligent driver, we can use our extensive knowledge to help ensure that you recover your damages.
  • If your loved one suffered an injury or illness that resulted in wrongful death or sustained a life-threatening injury due to medical malpractice, we can inform you of New York's laws that govern when and how you can file claims to seek compensation for the damages.
  • Victims of slip and fall accidents or construction accidents look to our firm for our knowledge of property liability accidents.

In addition, we use our extensive trial experience to strategically represent all of our clients, including those filing claims for employment discrimination.

Drawing from our 75 years of combined legal experience, we offer our experience and knowledge in not only personal injury matters in New York but also other areas of practice, including family law and divorce, business and commercial litigation, bankruptcy protection, criminal defense, and estate planning matters.

Contact Us to Get Your Free Case Analysis

The outcome of any personal injury case directly depends on the legal representation that you choose, so we cannot stress enough the importance of choosing a firm that is experienced, knowledgeable, and devoted to your cause. Choosing an inexperienced, unknowledgeable lawyer to represent your ailments and distresses could result in even more heartache, pain, and financial hardship at an already difficult time in your life. Wouldn't you rather choose a team of representatives that has proven themselves over and over in court, earned credibility and acclaim, and has secured millions for their wrongfully injured clients?

The personal injury lawyers at DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata have done just that! Attorneys Paul E. DeLorenzo and Tom E. DeLorenzo have also been listed among the Most Experienced Law Firms in the Capital Region Business Review. Our firm is dedicated to providing outstanding and dependable legal representation, and we believe that sometimes that means making ourselves available around the clock. Contact DeLorenzo, Grasso & Dalmata now!

If you have been injured due to the misconduct of another person, do not hesitate to retain legal representation any longer. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to our clients, and we wish to help you determine whether your case is eligible for compensation. The state of New York operates under strict statutes of limitations - or time restraints - so the faster you call us, the faster we can get your injustices answered and corrected. Contact our firm to get started!

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